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February 8th, 2012

Birds of Steel is a unique game because of its historical accuracy. Years have passed, and the face of the planet has transformed: the riverbeds have changed, lakes and swamps have drained, forests turned into fields, villages grew into metropolises. And very few people can say with certainty that seventy years ago there was a Soviet bunker here—this house was used as a temporary headquarters—and from here an attack of the second armored division began.

Game locations are exact copies of the terrain during the Second World War. We took all factors into account, transforming an ordinary flight simulator into a visual aid to recount the historical battles of World War II. Each game location is a model of a battlefield, a copy of what it was really like seven decades ago. To create such a detailed game, we have referred to variety of different sources to gather information on landscape areas.

In general, developers are limited to aerial photography, and most of them see no reason to complicate their work by using anything but maps. This is enough to create adequate combat missions, but not enough for a full representation of historical events. They’re not enough to create a sense of reality—to fly over Berlin, through the Bradenburg gates, and crash into the Reichstag—especially when you understand the differences between today’s Berlin and how it was during the war. (Berlin and Stalingrad were greatly affected by the combat happening inside and around their borders.)

Birds of Steel players will appreciate not only the absolute realism thanks to satellite photography, but also the authentic historical component, which became possible with the use of maps used by commanders of the participating countries of WWII, urban landscape photos, and military installations of the time, as well as text descriptions of the terrain and strategically important facilities. To make it more interesting to play, we even referred to diaries and the letters soldiers sent home!

Birds of Steel has gone beyond ordinary simulators, creating a completely accurate historical world. Your participation in the war is real—your plane, the mission, even the time of day that the land and naval forces’ offensive operations begin—all are real! Besides, two gameplay modes are available: the historical campaign, which recreates the actual course of the hostilities, and the dynamic campaign, for those who want to write their own history.

Locations can be seen here

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